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Automatic Touchless Intelligent Trash


Quick response, 0.3 second cover opening, automatic induction, no electricity can also be applied.
Advanced technology, infrared sensing, far away from bacteria
12L super capacity.

Rugged construction for ease of use. Stylish and modern design, stylish, convenient and durable, When you or the object is less than 30 cm away. The trash can will open automatically

Built-in smart chip. The 0.3 second smart sensor opens the cover. The lid automatically closes after leaving the sensing area for 3 seconds, The trash can is intelligently delayed, the hand does not leave the trash can, and the trash can lid does not close.

Manually open and close the lid when the battery is exhausted, no battery, Press and hold the (OPEN/CLOSE) button to turn off the system, Use ABS environmentally friendly materials. Safe and durable, Suitable for home, kitchen or office.

Silent slowdown:open and close mute, enjoy life. One-button control: automatic sensing, no power status can also be used. Double barrel design inside and outside, clean and easy to store

How to use?


User Manual and Warranty 12 months
Size: 340 * 240 * 200mm/13.39*9.45*7.87"Material: ABS, PP
Product sensing: infrared sensing
Capacity: 12L
Style: battery type (ordinary AA battery)